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I like the concept, movement feels a bit slippery, but I think you have the right idea. I think the spin jump should be a constant, no second press needed, but maybe add a spin move on the ground so you don't lose forward momentum for direct obstacles/enemies.
Also is there a CRT filter on this? An option to disable that would be nice.

Jekdersnek responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Your suggestions are pretty good. I'll definitely consider them when I finally get round to developing future versions and I shall also look into a way to make the CRT filter optional since it is impossible in the current build. :)

I love the game and story but the4th level of the swamp is just way too hard. The smoke ring thing should be easier.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Yeah, sounds like lots of people had problems with the smoke ring controls. My bad!

Truly great

I didn't want to review this until level 8, and I assumed you had to get all clocks to do so, but level 6 on the clock is a bitch. Anyway, this game is truly great and it clicks with me, & my fear of ever being this depressed and numb. I love the atmosphere this game creates. Also the ending where he lights the candle to the curtain reminds me of the Katatonia song "chrome."

Simply Amazing

This is one of the best flash games, or just game in general that I've played in a while. I especially enjoyed it because of it's Metroid-ish gameplay. The level design and controls are great, though there was a bit of a learning curve for the gravity snail, I still loved every bit of the game! I got 100% in close to 3 hours on the first play through.


Cool concept, but maybe I wanna put the character I make on the Fuck machine.

Not Sure

The game doesn't even work for me, not sure if that is the art of it, or if its just my computer, but the controls don't work for me so instead of giving it a zero i gave you half.

Ok Game

Yo son it was an ok game with a good idea. However, the execution was rather poor. Enemies came way to quickly for the player to have much of a chance. Also the fighting system could use some improvement. The second level is definitely way to unforgiving, not to mention the glitches in it. Other people may have beaten it, but I couldn't get past the second level.

Amazing game & Story

It was a great game, not to easy or hard, it was just right. The story was incredible, but very sad and left me feeling kind of hopeless inside. Even though its just a video game character I feel really bad for him. Otherwise great gameplay altogether.

Pretty good

It was a pretty good game overall, but my only complaint if that this game needs a pause and mute button, this game goes not stop and i lost precious time and life cuz i couldn't pause the game. Other than that thsi is some solid action.

Ok Game

Its an Ok game but the contrls canuse somw improvement. And the level design also.



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